Sustainability has gone from being  something that “would be nice to promote” to something necessary. The pressure we are facing from limited planetary resources, along with climate change, has made us activate our commitment to the environment and to create a firm and defined sustainability policy.

At Mapelor, we apply productive measures that protect and improve biodiversity and the environment of our planet.


In the production process of products from the BIO range, we use compostable materials that are 100% made from organic matter and that can be turned into compost under a series of controlled conditions.

Using these materials in our products means, upon their disposal, they are not wasted. Given that, they not only don’t harm the ecosystem, but help it, providing value to the Earth.


During production of GoGreen product range, we guarantee that the raw material, from which the cellulose originates, comes from controlled recycling sources. That is to say, we use   100% recycled material that guarantees the reuse of raw material, thus closing the recycling circle.


To be able to guarantee our clients (and ourselves) that our products are truly sustainable, good for the environment, and that they do not damage the ecosystem, we demand of our providers pertinent certifications which corroborate not only the source, but also their sustainability.

These are all the certifications our products have.


Seedling - Compostable

This seal, known as Seedling, certifies that our BIO range products comply with the  European normative EN 13432.

This normative ratifies that  napkins and tablecloths  that form part of this family comply with all the required characteristics for the material to be classified as compostable. The main requisite is that the material breaks down completely within 12 weeks.


Natural inks

For design and personalization prints on materials from this range, and for a more comprehensive protection of the environment, we use organic inks derived from natural plant oils and water-based inks.

It’s about using inks that reduce the environmental impact implicit in the printing process and minimizing the percentage of chemical components of the products used during production.


100% Recycled

This icon certifies that the materials that the product contains are 100% recycled and have certificates to corroborate it.


Rainforest Alliance Certified

This certificate is awarded to materials that come from products that meet the rigorous criteria of the Sustainable Agriculture Specifications of the Rainforest Alliance.

This organization works to protect the native forests of the world and their sustainable exploitation.


FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

When one of our products has this certification, it means that the raw material used during production comes from  controlled felling organic wood , certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

The objective of the FSC is to promote, in forests all around the world, an economically viable, socially beneficial, and environmentally responsible forest management.


PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

The logotype and brand PEFC Council form a world-wide trusted brand that helps businesses, consumers, property owners, forest managers and other interested parties to   identify and promote goods and products that originate from sustainably managed forest.


Recyclable product

This logotype guarantees the consumer that the material being used can be recycled by disposing of it in the corresponding container.


Suitable for food contact

We have the certificate that corroborates that all our products are extent from the Food Contact Certificate, a fact that verifies the safety of our products when they come in contact with any food.


In addition to the certificates we demand of our providers, we, as providers and producers of catering materials, also must offer certificates that guarantee our clients our good management of and commitment to the environment.


Zero Waste | Zero Residues

This seal recognizes organizations that avoid using landfills to get rid of waste they produce (Zero Waste).

It is framed within the circular economy model and consists of promoting adequate waste management  by using resources in a responsible, efficient, and sustainable manner.



This European eco-label distinguishes products that meet the most stringent requirements in terms of functionality and environmental quality. It is awarded to those companies whose production process reduces atmospheric pollution, don’t use toxic substances for the environment and have a moderate energy consumption.


Nordic Swan - Nordic Ecolabel

This is the Eco-label for Nordic countries. The organic label Nordic Swan creates sustainable solutions based on product life cycle evaluation and a general objective to reduce environmental impact during production and consumption of goods.