Kangaroo cutlery napkins

All about fashion napkins


Cutlery napkins to improve your profitability.

Seeking practicality, comfort and speed of service has become a goal that many hospitality businesses seek.

Kangaroo cutlery napkins help hospitality establishments that use them improve profitability. Both in time and money. Since the napkins are folded to place the cutlery, service time is saved. And this results in an increase in profits.

Their name “kangaroo napkins” is given because their function is similar to the bag where kangaroos keep their young. They are napkins that are folded so that the cutlery is placed inside a compartment that forms the napkin itself.

Its special size and design makes the table look more elegant. It allows the cutlery to protrude only from the top, and its slim size makes the table look better.

All about fashion napkins

We know you’ve come here looking for this year’s kangaroo napkin trends. Or you may be reading this article looking for the best cutlery napkins of the previous year.

But first we wanted you to see the large number of possibilities that exist regarding folded napkins to place cutlery.

As you have seen, there are many options. And each option is specially designed for different types of restaurants. So, no matter how much we tell you which trends in kangaroo napkins are most popular or which are the best sellers, you will have to be the one to choose the option that best suits you according to the typology and design of your restaurant.

There are several measurements regarding these folded cutlery napkins: 40×32 cm and 40×40 cm. As you may have already seen, we are betting, above all, on 40×32 cm. Placed on the table and the plate they look much more elegant.

Don’t worry. What is promised is a debt. If you continue scrolling down you will see the trends and designs of cutlery napkins and the best sellers.

Can kangaroo cutlery napkins be CUSTOMIZED?


Of course. Most of our kangaroo napkins can be personalized.

If we think about the large number of hospitality businesses that exist. It is not at all strange that restaurants, bars and cafes seek to differentiate themselves from the competition.

How do they do that?

In addition to using top quality raw materials to prepare their menus, they want their business to be remembered.

This is achieved by customizing the materials that clients are going to use. And if. Among them we talk about folded napkins for cutlery.

Personalizing folded napkins will improve the customer’s experience with the brand.

They are a tool that many restaurants use to implement their corporate image, make diners see it and generate the brand experience that ensures that the restaurant is remembered by the customer.

Logos, addresses, your own designs…anything can be printed on a kangaroo cutlery napkin. Any element that identifies your business and that transmits your philosophy so that the client remembers it and wants to repeat the experience.

The best kangaroo napkins (according to our customers)

Decoration trends with kangaroo napkins for cutlery for 2021

These are the trends that will take place in 2021 regarding these napkin models

1. Eggplant Color - Color of the year 2021 in hospitality

Purple colors, especially eggplant, are going to be one of the colors that is part of the interior design trends in hospitality. One of the leading colors that will make a difference in 2021.

Napkins of these colors for cutlery will be very combined with tablecloths of the same color, and even the same design. Especially placemats.

Playing with modern distressed tableware in dark and cream colors.

The tablecloths and cutlery napkins in the images are of the Praga model.

2. Light and gray tones

Light tones will continue to be popular. We assure you that they will continue to be a trend in restaurant decoration in 2021.

The image is decorated with the Airlaid Valentina kangaroo napkin.

Table decorated with the Sahara model

Neutral tones, such as gray, are also going to be a clear trend in materials for the table in 2021. Especially combined with black, white and wooden tables.

On this occasion, the table is decorated with the Praga model in silver.

3. Blues

The color blue will continue to be an important part of restaurant decoration with folded napkins for cutlery.

Table decorated with one of the folded cutlery napkins with Prague design in turquoise.

These colors are suitable for all types of restaurants. Both elegant and more contemporary.

Jeans model napkin in blue.

4. Fabric-like materials

2021 will become widespread due to the replacement of fabric with more sustainable and economical materials that resemble it in feel and texture.

An example of this is what we find in the image above. The 40×32 Naturtex Bamboo napkin. Made from 100% bamboo fibers, it feels so similar to fabric that the difference is practically imperceptible.

Airlaid is another material from the Nonwoven family that offers an even more cost-effective alternative to fabric. And it will be one of the most used materials in cutlery napkins in 2021.

The Airlaid 40×32 napkins have a large number of colors. Like the brown one seen in the image.

In addition to the colored Airlaid, the white Airlaid offers a more sustainable possibility, since it is made with 100% compostable and biodegradable materials. Which gives it an ecological characteristic that will stand out in 2021.

5. Elegancia lineal

Designs with geometric lines will also be one of the trends that marks the style of restaurant decoration with folded napkins for cutlery.

Straight lines, like these on the Manhattan napkins, are going to have great power in 2021.

These napkins are part of the Naturtex family. Sustainable materials made from 100% bamboo fibers.

Decorative and elegant lines are also going to be a very good combination to choose in the coming year.

The design of the Damascus cutlery napkin is a clear example of the models that are going to be trendy.

They will also be linear figures like the Airlaid Valentina napkin, which we have seen above.

6. Ecological tones

Clearly, the trend to use materials and tones that respect the environment is going to be one of the strong points in decoration with cutlery napkins in 2021.

The use of 100% recycled materials, such as the GoGreen Range napkins that we see in the image, will stand out even more.

The use of some type of identifying seal that highlights the ecological characteristic of these napkins will also continue to be a line to follow.

For our part, we use the 100% Recycled logo along with the text “Natural Inks”, which corroborates that, in addition to being a kangaroo napkin made with recycled materials, we use natural inks for printing. Thus complying with the sustainability required by our standards.

Ecological brown tones are going to be used, above all, in restaurants that want to convey a more sustainable feel in the restaurant.

Using napkins such as Bamboo, with ecological tones and made in Airlaid, the restaurant will achieve a touch of quality while transmitting that sustainable touch that will be a trend in 2021.

Two different sizes of kangaroo cutlery napkins

Cutlery napkins 40x32 cm

The folded cutlery napkins of this size are manufactured so that the unfolded napkin occupies an area of 40 cm wide and 32 cm long. And it folds so that it becomes a very elegant, narrower kangaroo.

Kangaroo napkins 40x40 cm

By having a larger surface area (40 cm wide and 40 cm long), these kangaroo napkins have a larger width, so the cutlery sits looser in the kangaroo.


All the materials we use to make kangaroo cutlery napkins are certified in environmental protection. Naturtex Bamboo, Airlaid, Paper and Recycled Paper. They all comply with the eco-responsible standards that we demand for their manufacturing and sale.


100% Compostable Cutlery Napkins.

Naturtex Bamboo is a material that closely resembles fabric, both in feel and appearance.

These cutlery napkins are made of 100% bamboo fibers, which gives them a soft and silky texture and also gives them the characteristic of being 100% compostable and biodegradable.


100% Compostable and Biodegradable Folded Napkins

Airlaid is another material that has a great resemblance to fabric. And, furthermore, white is compostable, that is, it can be converted into compost if it is properly recycled.

They are composed of cellulose, and their special manufacturing gives them the ecological characteristic of being biodegradable and compostable.


Napkins made from 100% recycled material

The GoGreen Range is made up of 100% recycled materials. Hence its ecological brown color.

In addition, all the kangaroo napkins in this family have the 100% recycled logo printed on them. To increase its ecological impact. The inks with which it is printed are water-based inks, also ecological.


Colored napkins to place the cutlery inside

All colored kangaroo napkins are certified by the FSC and Ecolabel seal. European ecological seal that certifies that both the origin of the raw material and its handling in our factory are governed by the strictest sustainable standards.

The manufacturing method with which these napkins have been made is Double Point.