Our company was born in 1995 under the name Mapelor. It is the result of an initiative which was born at the hands of José Justo Moratal and José Monserrat, the Pepes, as they are affectionately called, together with another member who has since left the project.

Mapelor was created as a way to supplement the income  the members earned at their daily job. Both worked in the paper sector, and together, with their wives, they started to make single-use paper tablecloths and napkins for hostelry establishments.


The infrastructure we had was minimal. We only had one machine to make our products with, and we tried to make sure we had an innovative and unique market design.

The success of these designs allowed the company to have a major impact on the sector and we expanded the business. The Pepes quit their day jobs working for someone else and started to focus on the expansion of the business, which, thanks to our clients, has not stopped growing till this day.

Raising from our ashes

The event that changed our lives, the way of understanding the company business, and which has made us who we are today:

In one of our expansions, the factory caught fire caused by a spark from a welder. All our installations were completely destroyed.  Here is where we learned what solidarity means.

We will forever be grateful and in debt to  José Barber (MP, S.A.), who, after the fire, allows us a shift in his factory so we could continue to carry out our production.

His example was enough for us to re-construct our business based on those values, and since then we have cooperated on diverse common projects.  Once again, thanks.


Once over this bump in the road, we decided to acquire a brand already known in the hostelry market: La Pajarita. And we started to use it as the central concept of our activity, transmitting the distinctive design, quality, and respect for the environment that is characteristic of our products.

As such, if you’ve ever found yourself asking: “Mapelor or La Pajarita?”. La Pajarita is the visible image, Mapelor the brains of it all.


We are producers of woven and non-woven paper;  and product suppliers for HORECA: detergents, degreasers, paper and cloth tablecloths and napkins, cutlery,  industrial paper pulp, etc.

Our specialty is the production and personalization of paper and non-woven fabric napkins and tablecloths. We stand out from the competition for our product quality and design.


We count on an extensive distribution network, which forms part of our family, and are present all around the world.



One of the concepts that shows our business philosophy is respect for the environment. We optimize resource consumption, reducing the environmental impact and we foment recycling.
Also, we continue to investigate and introduce new products respectful of the environment, such as the BIO range, which are completely compostable and biodegradable products,  and also the  GOGREEN range, products made from 100% recycled material.


The more than 50 employees who form part of Mapelor never lose sight of the client. We work to create value not just for our benefit, always with our sight set on the effect our production activity has on people and the environmental.  That is why our philosophy is strongly measured by the responsibility we as a corporation have with society and the environment.