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Over 150,000 businesses have entrusted us with customizing their napkins and tablecloths


Low minimum order

Our personalized napkins for the hospitality industry stand out for having one of the lowest minimum order requirements in the market. All designed with the needs of the hospitality sector in mind.


Fast manufacturing time

Within 15-20 working days, we will have your wholesale custom napkins manufactured. We will send them to you so that you can make a lasting impression in your hospitality business.


For restaurants in the hospitality industry

Our customization processes are designed to efficiently supply hospitality businesses, providing cost-effective options without compromising on quality or speed.

Companies that have chosen to customize napkins with us

Everything you need to know about customizing napkins and tablecloths

1. Which inks will work best on your custom napkin or tablecloth (according to the color of the base)?

Here you have all the options for customizing paper napkins and tablecloths. Choose the base color (tablecloth or napkin) on which you want to print your logo or brand design, and all the inks recommended for customizing paper or non-woven fabric tablecloths and napkins will be displayed.

 Aquí te mostramos los colores con los que te aseguramos que tus servilletas personalizadas y manteles individuales personalizados quedarán bien con un mantel o servilleta blanca.

tinta-para-personalizar-servilletas-con-amarillo-mantel-p-107tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-salmon-mantel-p-7520tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-naranja-albero-p156tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-naranja-p150tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-naranja-mantel-orange-21tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-rojo-mantel-p186tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-rojo-medio-p200tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-rosa-claro-p203utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-rubine-red-utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-burdeos-mantel-p209tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-violeta-claro-p2587tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-morado-p259Ctinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-berenjena-print-p7650tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-violet-utinta-para-personalizar-servilletas-con-purple-utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-azul-claro-p292tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-cyan-process-blue-utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-azul-mpl31-p286tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-azul-mantel-p294tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-azul-reflex-blue-utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-verde-pistacho-p-382tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-verde-MPL20-p348tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-verde-mantel-p356tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-verde-oscuro-p350tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-verde-turquesa-p3268utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-turquesa-jeans-p7466tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-turquesa-p320tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-turquesa-print-p315tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-crema-jeans-p7499tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-crema-fust-p-7506 tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-marron-claro-p466tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-marron-50-p470tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-ocre-p146tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-marron-medio-p732tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-marron-mantel-p4695tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-marron-oscuro-p4975tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-gris-claro-cool-gray-1utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-gris-pardo-p407tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-gris-oscuro-cool-gray-9Utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-gris-oscuro-warm-gray-9-U tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-antracita-print-black-6-Utinta-para-personalizar-servilletas-con-oro-p871tinta-para-personalizar-servilletas-con-plata-p877-utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-negro-mantel

Here we show you the colors that we guarantee will complement your personalized napkins and individualized tablecloths with a GoGreen (Eco-friendly) tablecloth or napkin.

tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-naranja-mantel-orange-21tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-rojo-mantel-p186tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-rojo-medio-p200tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-rubine-red-utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-burdeos-mantel-p209tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-morado-p259Ctinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-berenjena-print-p7650tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-violet-utinta-para-personalizar-servilletas-con-purple-utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-azul-claro-p292tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-cyan-process-blue-utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-azul-mpl31-p286tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-azul-mantel-p294tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-azul-reflex-blue-utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-verde-pistacho-p-382tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-verde-MPL20-p348tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-verde-mantel-p356tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-verde-oscuro-p350tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-turquesa-jeans-p7466tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-turquesa-p320tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-turquesa-print-p315tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-marron-50-p470tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-ocre-p146tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-marron-medio-p732tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-marron-oscuro-p4975 tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-antracita-print-black-6-Utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-negro-mantel

Here we show you the colors that we guarantee will complement your personalized napkins and individualized tablecloths with a orange tablecloth or napkin.

tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-rojo-mantel-p186tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-rojo-medio-p200tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-burdeos-mantel-p209tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-violet-utinta-para-personalizar-servilletas-con-purple-utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-azul-mpl31-p286tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-azul-mantel-p294tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-azul-reflex-blue-utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-verde-mantel-p356tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-verde-oscuro-p350 tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-marron-medio-p732tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-marron-mantel-p4695tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-marron-oscuro-p4975tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-antracita-print-black-6-Utinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-negro-mantel

Here we show you the colors that we guarantee will complement your personalized napkins and individualized tablecloths with a red tablecloth or napkin.

tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-antracita-print-black-6-U tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-negro-mantel

Here we show you the colors that we guarantee will complement your personalized napkins and individualized tablecloths with a burgundy tablecloth or napkin.

tinta-para-personalizar-servilletas-con-blanco tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-negro-mantel

 Aquí te mostramos los colores con los que te aseguramos que tus servilletas personalizadas y manteles individuales personalizados quedarán bien con un blue tablecloth or napkin


Here we show you the colors that we guarantee will complement your personalized napkins and individualized tablecloths with a pistachio tablecloth or napkin.

tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-naranja-p150 tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-burdeos-mantel-p209 tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-violet-u tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-azul-mantel-p294 tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-verde-mantel-p356 tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-verde-oscuro-p350 tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-turquesa-print-p315 tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-antracita-print-black-6-U tinta-para-imprimir-servilletas-con-negro-mantel

Here we show you the colors that we guarantee will complement your personalized napkins and individualized tablecloths with a green tablecloth or napkin


Here we show you the colors that we guarantee will complement your personalized napkins and individualized tablecloths with a brown tablecloth or napkin


Here we show you the colors that we guarantee will complement your personalized napkins and individualized tablecloths with a gray tablecloth or napkin.


Here we show you the colors that we guarantee will complement your personalized napkins and individualized tablecloths with a black tablecloth or napkin.

tinta-para-personalizar-servilletas-con-oro-p871 tinta-para-personalizar-servilletas-con-plata-p877-u

You can customize napkins with any Pantone color you want

In order to protect the environment, we print your personalized paper napkins (or other materials) and individualized tablecloths using water-based inks.

Due to this, the final result of the print may have slight tonal variations depending on the tablecloth or napkin being printed on and its absorption (customizing paper napkins is not the same as printing on airlaid napkins, for example). This may result in a possible variation in color intensity compared to the design presented to you before we start printing your personalized tablecloths.

The color that is most affected by this is white when printed on a black, burgundy, blue, or green napkin or tablecloth. Because white ink, being completely opaque, may reveal the color of the napkin or tablecloth you have chosen to personalize.

2. Our standard designs can be customized

If you liked any of our standard designs and envisioned your logo printed on them… you had a brilliant idea. We can customize napkins and tablecloths that are already printed with our designs. Here are some examples:











Customize napkins and tablecloths with any of our standard designs

We answer all your question

Our customer service and sales team has over 30 years of experience in personalized napkins and tablecloths for the hospitality industry and all types of businesses.

If you have any questions about inks, sizes, materials… anything at all, please contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.


What formats of custom napkins do we manufacture?

According to the size of the printed napkin

Explore our different napkin sizes, perfect for restaurants. From large napkins to smaller ones, all of them are customizable. Print your logo, designs, or special messages and add a unique touch to your meals. Choose the ideal size and personalize your restaurant tables.

We have more sizes and measurements for you to customize your napkins

According to the folding of the personalized napkin

Discover our variety of napkin folds for restaurants. From elegant classic folds to more creative designs, we have options for every taste. Customize your napkins with different folds and surprise your diners with unique details on each table. Choose the perfect fold and elevate the presentation of your dishes in your establishment.


1/4 folding


1/6 folding


1/8 folding or american folding


Kangaroo folding

How do we customize napkins?

Depending on where you want your logo to be on the napkin and how many times you want the design to be repeated, we have 3 ways to customize paper and non-woven fabric napkins:

personalizar servilletas a una cara

Single-sided customization

When we refer to single-sided personalized napkins, it means that we print your napkin on one side only, using a small-size cliché. The printed side will be facing up.

personalizar servilletas a dos caras

Double-sided customization

When you see a napkin with the logo or design printed on any of the visible sides, you are looking at a double-sided printed napkin. We print the logos on the napkin in such a way that, no matter how it is placed, the brand is always visible.

personalizar servilletas impresion total

Full printing

If you need the napkin to be fully customized, either because you have a specific design or because that’s your requirement, we will print the entire napkin, unfolded, from end to end. That’s why it’s called full printing.

What personalized tablecloths for restaurants do we print?

Individual tablecloths

As standard models, we offer 2 sizes of individualized tablecloths for the hospitality industry: 30×40 and 35×50. These are the most commonly used sizes. Additionally, we have the flexibility to cut the tablecloth to the desired measurement. Add a unique touch to your tables by personalizing individual tablecloths that perfectly match your style and needs.


30x40 cm


35x50 cm

Customized tablecloths for restaurants


Roll or pre-cut tablecloths

We offer over 50 different sizes of personalized disposable tablecloths to fit your tables.

We also have the option to manufacture custom-sized tablecloths, ensuring a perfect fit.


Customized table runners

We also have various sizes of table runners printed with your logo or brand image.

Both in our table runners and tablecloths, we offer the option of making them to measure.

Do you want to personalize your individual tablecloths, pre-cut tablecloths, or table runners?

Materials we use for customization

There are different materials with which we can personalize paper and non-woven fabric napkins. The same applies to tablecloths.


CottonTex is the material called non-woven fabrics (TNT) that has the most similar touch to fabric, and is also the most absorbent. Made of 100% Cotton.

We can customize CottonTex napkins and tablecloths so that your restaurant can enhance its brand image.



Drylace Bioflush napkins represent a true breakthrough. With a fabric-like texture, they decompose upon contact with water, making them 100% sustainable. They contribute to preventing ocean pollution.

Join the ocean protection movement with these personalized hospitality napkins.



Airlaid is the preferred material for customizing napkins in the hospitality industry. It is 100% compostable and biodegradable. With proper waste management, it can help improve the environment.

Contact us if you wish to personalize Airlaid napkins or print your customized individual table mats.



Most of the personalized individual table mats we produce are made from Newtex. This material is exclusively suitable for table mats since it consists of 100% polypropylene (plastic). Thanks to this, it can be recycled in the yellow waste container.

Print your logo on individual table mats, table runners, or full tablecloths in Newtex.


Alongside Airlaid, paper is the material most commonly used for printing.

Customizing paper napkins will not only enhance your restaurant’s brand image but also save costs compared to other materials. You can obtain affordable personalized napkins, tablecloths, and individual table mats.

Purchase printed napkins featuring your logo and elevate your brand.

Personalize Your Napkins and Tablecloths

Request all the information you need for customizing napkins or tablecloths

We are La Pajarita

Over 30 years and 150,000 personalizations behind us


For the past 30 years, La Pajarita has been an undisputed leader in the art of napkin and tablecloth personalization. We take pride in having worked with a wide range of businesses, from renowned restaurants to cozy cafes and prestigious hotels. Our mission has always been the same: to help our clients enhance their brand image and create a unique experience for their diners.

From the very beginning, we set out to offer quality solutions, and we have delivered on that promise. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized service, taking into account the needs and preferences of each client. Whether you require personalized napkins and tablecloths for a restaurant, hotel, café, or any other business, La Pajarita has the perfect solution for you.

Our personalization process is meticulous and employs advanced techniques to ensure impeccable results. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of materials and colors, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your style and brand.

We take pride in offering durable, high-quality products that reflect the unique identity of your business.

La Pajarita stands for innovation and commitment. We constantly seek new ways to improve and adapt to the changing needs of the market. Our goal is to help you stand out and make a lasting impression on your customers.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our eco-friendly practices, ensuring that our napkins and tablecloths are not only visually striking but also environmentally friendly.

When you choose La Pajarita, you are not just acquiring a superior-quality product; you are entering into a long-term partnership. We are proud to be part of your story and help you create memorable moments for your customers. Let us take your brand to the next level and discover why we are the preferred choice of hospitality experts. Join the La Pajarita family and let us turn your ideas into reality!

If you belong to one of these three types of businesses, customizing napkins and tablecloths will be of interest to you:


Restaurants, Cafés, Hotels, and Catering Services

You want to strengthen your brand image to differentiate yourself from the competition. By offering a unique experience that reflects quality and professionalism through personalization, you can build customer loyalty.


Hospitality Distributors and Advertising Agencies

Your clients need a quick, high-quality solution for their personalized tablecloths and napkins. Additionally, you prefer placing small orders to avoid stocking inventory, allowing for greater profit margins.


Companies Organizing Special Events

Your company is hosting an event, and you want to enhance your image as a professional and exclusive brand by offering a personalized experience to attendees.

Free Samples

If you have doubts about how your design will look on a particular material, request samples from us. We will provide similar personalized samples we have created.

A customizer to preview how your logo will look printed on napkins and tablecloths

How does it work?

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? That’s why we’ve provided this video for you to see how easy it is to use La Pajarita’s Customizer to personalize napkins and tablecloths. We offer a wide range of sizes and options for you to choose from.

What our customers say about the customizer

It's a fantastic tool for personalizing napkins or tablecloths. Very user-friendly with incredible real-time results.
Industrial Hygiene
A very easy-to-use tool that has helped us present personalized napkins to our clients. They have been delighted!
Hygiene Supplies
A fundamental tool, easy to use, and quickly presents the client with a preview of their personalized napkins or tablecloths. It's very useful for me and facilitates sales.
RM Distribucions
Hospitality Products

Personalizing napkins and tablecloths will help

you boost your business image



Differentiation and brand recognition

Personalizing individual tablecloths and custom paper napkins with your restaurant’s logo or name helps create a unique and distinctive visual identity. This allows customers to easily identify your business and differentiate it from the competition. By building a recognizable brand, you will establish a loyal customer base that will return and recommend your restaurant to others.



Professionalism and visual coherence

The use of custom restaurant tablecloths and personalized paper napkins in the hospitality industry demonstrates attention to detail and care on the part of the restaurant. This conveys an image of professionalism and quality in the customer experience. Additionally, customization allows for visual coherence with other brand elements such as the logo, menus, and restaurant decor, creating a unified and memorable experience.



Subtle advertising through napkin personalization

Custom paper napkins and personalized individual tablecloths can serve as a subtle form of advertising. When customers use personalized napkins or see individual tablecloths with the restaurant’s logo, a lasting impression is created in their minds. If they are impressed with the restaurant experience, they will remember its name and share it with friends and family, generating positive word-of-mouth advertising.



Reinforce your brand with personalized napkins and tablecloths

Printing custom restaurant tablecloths and personalized paper napkins is an effective way to reinforce your brand identity. Every time customers interact with these elements during their visit to the restaurant, the image and values of your brand are reinforced in their minds. This builds an emotional connection with customers and fosters a stronger relationship with the brand.



Make your customer's experience memorable

The details provided by personalized individual tablecloths and custom paper napkins contribute to creating a memorable customer experience. These elements add a special and unique touch to the restaurant’s ambiance, which can increase customer satisfaction and encourage greater loyalty. Customers feel valued and appreciated when they are provided with a carefully designed experience.

Advantages of purchasing personalized napkins

Competition in the hospitality sector is so fierce that restaurants, bars, and cafes must seek differentiation. They need to find the key to standing out from their competitors.

At La Pajarita, we have always believed that this differentiation is marked by both the quality of the cuisine and the restaurant’s design. That’s why we advocate for the use of personalized paper napkins. It’s an affordable product that can enhance your restaurant’s image.

Personalizing napkins is an effective marketing and communication action as it makes your company’s image visible to all the diners who will use them.

servilletas personalizadas la pajarita

Your personalized napkin on social media

When you are in your hospitality business, step into the dining area. Notice how many people are using their mobile phones and taking photos of their meals.

Chances are, those photos are intended to be uploaded to social media platforms, where thousands of people will see them. If your restaurant’s personalized napkin is placed next to that dish, you will be getting completely free advertising and reaching thousands of people. Just by placing your logo on the personalized napkins.

Why buy custom tablecloths?

manteles personalizados la pajarita

It is true that personalized napkins are the best way to promote your brand image in an easy, affordable, and quick manner. However, they should be accompanied by something else.

By using custom tablecloths that complement the image conveyed by the personalized paper napkins, you will have an even greater impact on the consumer’s mind. This will ensure that the memory of your brand remains strong when they want to repeat the experience.

Personalized individual tablecloths

However, unless an advertising or branding company has created the complete corporate image for your brand and designed tablecloths specifically for your HoReCa business, we do not recommend personalizing 100×100 cm tablecloths with your logo. It may not have a cohesive design.

To print your logo on a tablecloth and have it present throughout the diner’s stay at the restaurant, we recommend using personalized individual tablecloths. In a confined space, you can place your company logo in the center while protecting the table from possible damage and dirt during meals.