About us

La Pajarita is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the paper industry. We are specialized in the handling of paper and non woven fabrics that are obtained through a strict selection of  manufacturers.

We started our activity in 1995 with a very clear objective in mind: to grow by adapting ourselves to the demands of the market at each particular moment.

From this premise and after a long business career, La Pajarita has become a domestic market leader, and it is vertiginously expanding into the international market. That’s why La Pajarita can be found in more than 17 countries on five continents.

Quality is one of our central pillars, and that is why in La Pajarita every sales unit is subjected to stringent quality checks during the whole production process.

Another important issue for us is respecting the environment, so that’s why we try to optimize the use of resources,  thereby reducing the environmental impact while promoting and encouraging recycling. In addition, we have introduced a new eco-friendly line, made from recycled products proceeding from raw materials which are Ecolabel certified.

In order to achieve a quality standard as high as the one we offer, a great human team is needed: implicated and highly qualified professionals who enjoy seeing the job well done. A team or people who are motivated and identifies themselves with our business project.