Envelopes for cutlery

Improve hygiene by using paper cutlery covers.



Cutlery envelopes are perfect for the hospitality industry.

Streamlining the organization of tables is one of the main objectives that room managers have to optimize costs.

Many restaurants are choosing to use these envelopes that allow them to go faster when they are preparing the restaurants’ tables.

In addition, in times of COVID 19, they are the perfect option to avoid touching the napkin and that the dinner guest is the only one who touches it. This way you will feel more secure and protected against the virus.

What exactly are the cutlery envelopes?

These are simply bags that contain a folded napkin inside with a small opening where the cutlery can be placed. Either a knife, fork or spoon.

They have the perfect size to fit any type of cutlery, whatever the size, big or small.

Paper cutlery envelopes – the best option to protect yourself from the virus.



The envelopes for cutlery are specially designed so that no one other than the dinner guest can touch the napkin begore using it.

They simply have a small opening at the top, where the cutlery can be placed inside the envelope (knife, fork or spoon).

The rest of the bag is completely sealed. This improving hygiene and protection, both for the dinner guest and the hotel workers.

Cutlery envelopes with a more attractive format



By adapting to the demands of the market, and improving current designs, we have managed to create narrower and more stylized envelopes for cutlery.

By reducing the amount of paper used to make the envelopes, we have succeeded in creating the 9 x 25cm cutlery envelopes. Products for the hospitality industry that, are more aesthetic than the 11 x 25 cm envelopes that are already on the market.

Moreover, by reding the amount of paper, we have managed to save costs, making 9 x 25 cm cutlery envelopes cheaper.

Higher quality napkins inside cutlery envelopes


You already know that our cutlery envelopes come with a napkin inside. But what you don’t know us that the napkin is a 33×40 double point napkin 1/8 folded.

Currently, the envelopes for cutlery that you will find in the market have 2-ply napkins inside. Of lower quality than those of double point.

The way of manufacture the double point napkins, that come inside the paper cutlery covers, is specially manufactured to improve its absorption capacity, its touch and its consistency.

Napkins are perfect for placing inside cutlery envelopes, as they are 33×40 napkins folded 1/8 (American fold). So its folded measurements are 8x19cm. They fit perfectly without wasting a lot of space.

The white cutlery bags contain a white napkin inside. And the kraft contain eco-friendly napkins in kraft color.


TAKE AWAY – Perfect to use in take away meals


Take away food is an option that many hospitality businesses are choosing to increase their profitability. Since it allows you to increase the number of orders (and therefore revenue) without the need to increase fixed costs. Here we explain a little better everything about Take Away and why you should implement it in your restaurant.

And cutlery envelopes are perfect for this type of business model. Since it keeps the napkin protected from any imperfection or dirt that can be caused by putting all the food in the same bag, with the possible spills that this can cause.

In addition, by having the small opening for the cutlery inside the paper sleeve and so the customer can have everything they need to eat in one place: sheltered napkin, knife and fork

Materials with which we manufacture cutlery envelopes



Cutlery bags made from kraft paper are part of the GoGreen range. Since inside they carry a 33×40 double point GoGreen napkin, folded 1/8.

To make these napkins we use 100% recycled materials, so, in addition to helping to improve the environment by using disposable raw materials, we take advantage of that waste and reuse it to recreate new ecological napkins like the ones in these cutlery envelopes.

Moreover, they are printed with the 100% recycled logo, that certifies the napkin as a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable product.

For printing this logo, we use 100% natural water-based inks, which reinforce our environmental commitment.


The white cutlery paper covers are made of a special cellulose that allows the joining and closing of the envelopes.

Inside they contain a white 33×40 double point 1/8 folded napkin.

The material with which these napkins are made comes from forests certified by responsible logging so it contributes to the non-deforestation of the planet.


Perfect to combine with tablecloths


Cutlery bags, especially kraft ones, are ideal to combine and to place in a restaurant where earthy and ecological colors predominate.

More and more hoteliers decide to combine these covers for cutlery with tablecloths from the GoGreen range, such as Postcard or Cuadros tablecloths.