In addition to requiring our suppliers to ensure that the raw materials with which we manufacture sustainable tablecloths and napkins are certified to the highest environmental standards, we as manufacturers also have certifications that corroborate our commitment to the planet.

We are a company certified by the Spanish Government with the “Calculation, reduction and offsetting of carbon footprint: 2017” seal, which confirms that our project reduces greenhouse gas emissions and offsets the carbon footprint.


In the manufacturing processes of the BIO range products we use compostable materials. They are 100% composed of organic matter that can be composted under a series of controlled conditions.

By using these products, at the time of disposal, they are not wasted. Since, not only do they not damage the ecosystem, but they help improve it by adding value to the land.


For the manufacture of the GoGreen products, we make sure that the raw materials from which the cellulose comes come from controlled recycling sources. In other words, we use 100% recycled materials that ensure the reuse of raw materials, thus closing the recycling circle.


In order to assure our customers (and ourselves) that our products are truly sustainable, good for the environment and that they do not harm the ecosystem, we require the relevant certifications from our suppliers that corroborate both their origin and their sustainability.

These are all the certifications our products have.


OK Compost - Compostable

. This seal, known as OK Compost, certifies that our products in the BIO Range comply with the European standard EN 13432.

This regulation confirms that the napkins and tablecloths that are part of this family meet all the characteristics required for a material to be defined as compostable. Its main requirement is that the material is completely degraded in less than 12 weeks.


Natural inks

For the printing of designs and customizations on the materials of this range, and for the complete protection of the environment, we use ecological inks based on natural oils of vegetable origin and water-based inks.

These are inks that reduce the environmental impact of printing processes, also minimizing the percentage of chemical components in the products used in their manufacture.


100% recycled

This icon certifies that the materials that contain it are 100% recycled and have certificates that corroborate it.


Rainforest Alliance Certified

This certification is awarded to materials that come from productions that meet the rigorous criteria of the Rainfores Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard.

This organization works for the protection and sustainable use of the world’s native forests.


FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

When one of our products has this certification, it means that the raw material with which it is manufactured comes from organic wood controlled by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

FSC’s goal is to promote economically viable, socially beneficial and environmentally responsible forest management in forests around the world.


PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

The PEFC Council brand and logo are a global trust mark that helps businesses, consumers, owners, forest managers and other stakeholders identify and promote goods and products from sustainably managed forests.


Recyclable product

This logo assures the consumer that the material they are using can be recycled by discarding it in the appropriate container.


Suitable for contact with food

We have the certificate that corroborates that all our products are exempt from the certificate of contact for use with food. Fact that corroborates the safety of our products in contact with any food.


In addition to the certifications that we require from our suppliers, we as suppliers and manufacturers of hospitality materials must also offer certificates that assure our clients of our good management and our commitment to the environment.


Zero Waste

This seal recognizes organizations that prevent the waste they generate from being disposed of in landfills (Zero Waste).

It is part of the circular economy model and consists of promoting the proper management of waste through responsible, efficient and sustainable use of resources.


Carbon footprint calculation, reduction and offsetting

This seal, awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Spanish Government, certifies that the organisation that has it complies with the established emission reduction requirements and offsets its CO2 emissions.

The calculations of our carbon footprint, its reduction and the emissions-absorptions transaction have been validated by the MAGRAMA.


Nordic Swan - Nordic Ecolabel

It is the eco-label of the Nordic countries. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel creates sustainable solutions based on a life cycle assessment and an overall goal to reduce the environmental impact of the production and consumption of goods.