Goodbye, plastic


The Zero Waste Range

Zero Waste translates to “Zero Waste” in Spanish. Therefore, the products that are part of this range do not generate any type of waste. As long as they are disposed of correctly, of course. How to recognize Zero Waste products? Very simple. Because they are all packaged in paper. We have completely eliminated plastic from its manufacturing process. So that they are truly Zero Waste.

Recycled. Recyclable.


40x40 cm napkin folded 1/4
Made with recycled paper
50 units/package | 48 packs/box
Minimum order of 1 box

Recycled napkins for restaurants that care about the environment. They have the “100% recycled” logo printed on them, which confirms that it is a completely recycled material and that it can also be recycled.


20x20 cm napkin folded 1/4
Made with recycled paper
100 units/package | 60 packs/box
Minimum order of 1 box

Tapas bars can also be ecological. These napkins are made especially with (in addition to the planet) in mind bars that use small napkins for tapas, as coasters, etc.

Oceans without plastics


40x40 cm napkin folded 1/4
Made of Drylace (decomposes in water)
50 units/package | 16 packs/box
Minimum order of 1 box

Drylace Bioflush napkins are characterized by the fact that they decompose upon contact with water. If the napkin ends up reaching the sea there will be no problem because it will end up decomposing and biodegrading without causing any damage to the environment.

A certified paper


All the materials used to make the paper with which we package the napkins from the Zero Waster range are certified by the PEFC seal.

This certification indicates that the product comes from sustainably managed forests and has undergone an independent verification process to meet international forest management standards.

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